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Hi there! A little bit about myself and how our program got started. I'm Jennie, the proud owner and face behind Grand Lake Poodles & Doodles. Given the opportunity to grow up on a farm and show livestock at an early age I knew I would always want to do something in my career that dealt with animals. Fast forwarding several years down the road, my husband and I purchased our first dog together in 2017 and fell head over heels for this dog. As you can probably guess, it was a doodle, specifically a Bernedoodle and the year after we added our first standard poodle to the family. We were amazed by their temperments and how well they bonded not only with us, but also with our friends, family, and even our newborn babies. As a stay-at-home mom, I decided with my spare time I would love to start raising dogs and share this love and enjoyment with other families. After dedicating countless hours of researching, testing, and preparing to get our breeding program started we ended up having our first litter of Bernedoodles and it's been an incredible journey ever since. Not only have I fulfilled my dream of raising puppies, but we've also formed wonderful friendships with our puppy families and fellow breeders all over the world. With the support of my husband, we have turned my passion for dogs into a reality. Our entire family, including our two daughters Kimberlynn and Oaklynn, and our son Preston, actively help in raising our dogs which ensures that our puppies grow up in a loving and well-socialized environment.

Located in Grove, Oklahoma

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